B.V. Suresh

Artist & Educationist


BV Suresh, an art teacher and a practicing artist, is continuously negotiating the visual fields of the contemporary - that includes everything, from art practice to our immediate surroundings. He has acquired his language and his strategies from his training first from Baroda and later from the Royal College of Art, London.
His work is a take on the issues of realism where he employs multiple realisms, questions of history and narration and even the engagement with the circulation of mass media images.
He represents a range of images from diverse sources including comic books, hoardings, newspapers, television, films, advertisements; the images that constitute everyday visual experience of many people.
His works are combined of videos, installations, paintings and digital prints through which Suresh explores distinct themes and employs certain narrative strategies in the process.
In his recent works, Suresh gestures towards spaces where the private and the public seem to fold into each other while staging diverse violence.
His works are more oriented to the surface where the figures are dispersed and the works become more abstract. Through this he enters into the implications of visual language and the questions of representations, social and psychic violence.
He is currently a faculty at the Visual Art Department of the M.S.University, Vadodara.