The State of Art Education in India: Reviews and Remedies We are a witness to the change in Indian contemporary art practice, education, production and its reception.
This conference will bring together critical views about the state of art education in our country by practitioners and experts in the field. This will be an attempt to address some crucial issues regarding art education - its relevance in the contemporary context, a re-look at the content and its communication.
We need to review and address the conflict of theory – art history and art practice and to have a comprehensive plan to share concerns of teachers and students.
We need to dialogue about art education and its practice, in the context of a more holistic approach that is socially and politically relevant.
Although the Conclave is open to all, it is designed to particularly benefit practicing artists, faculty and students of art, who are expected to participate from different parts of India.
The Conclave will draw immense academic value to Goa by providing a reason to eminent members of the art fraternity to visit Goa and contribute to the continuing process of a very high level of exchange of ideas in Goa.
The primary objectives of the Conclave are as follows:
- To create a rich and vibrant community of artists and art lovers in Goa.
- To create common meeting ground to all for exchanging contemporary arts and ideas.
- To create a conducive space for interaction between the faculty & students of different colleges.
- To facilitate conversations between students & the practicing artists.
- All programs are focused on learning from the experience of experts and providing exposure to young artists / students to visual arts.


Program Schedule

Sublime expression's : A Platform for Art Idea's

Sublime expression's : A Platform for Art Idea's

Sublime expression's : A Platform for Art Idea's

Sublime expression's : A Platform for Art Idea's

Vivan Sundaram talking about his book on Amrita Shergill.

Vivan Sundaram presentation - Draw a Line

R.Sivakumar presentation - Art pedagogy in Santiniketan

Soumik Majumdar presentation- Receiving art-Children as viewers

Suresh Jayaram presentation-Can we envision a new art institute in the contemporary context

Vidya Kamat presentation - Rewriting the self.

Panel Discussion - How has new media & technology changed the perception in the context of visual art students,institutions &

Indrapramit Roy presentation - Teaching art in the University-An Artist teacher's perspective

This is a program in collaboration with Department of Art & Culture Goa

Indian Ateliers

9/UG-4, Kamat Complex-2, Tonca,

Caranzalem, Goa 403002, India.



The International Centre Goa

Dr. E Borges Road, Dona Paula,

Goa - 403 004, INDIA